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PEPPERWORT (Lepidium latifolium L)


It’s a vivacious plant of rigid and hardened stem and branches. It normally grows to between 30 cm and 1 m, but may grow as tall as 2 m. Stem and leaves are completely hairless. Leaves are oval-lanceolate shape, the edges are partially serrated and sharp pointed. Spread along the stem, leaves are light green. White flowers form terminal racemes at the panicle and are very small. Fruits are compressed and rounded and have a small bud at the apex, corresponding to the stigma. Each fruit has only two seeds.

It grows at wetlands or riverbanks lengthwise the Iberian Peninsula. Pepperwort blooms starting in the month of May and on.

Part used
Aerial apex. The maximum effect is obtained from the fresh plant.

> Renal lithiasis, to dissolve kidney stones and to prevent their formation, as well.
> Hypo-secretive dyspepsia and lack of appetite.
> Cystitis and oliguria.
> Neuralgias and odontalgias.

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