Our easy-to-take detox cure for improving health

A blend of powerful detox substances in a convenient drinkable vial format aimed at stimulating the main routes of elimination of waste and toxins. 

CYRASIL works by stimulating and enhancing the depurative capacity of the body thanks to the joint benefits of black radish, artichoke, milk thistle and soy lecithin rich in phosphatidylcholine, which work at the level of the the digestive system, particularly the liver and gallblader to promote the elimination of toxins and increase the regeneration and renovation of the whole body. CYRASIL effectively helps you get the most out of your detox cures and collaborates to put an end to numerous problems related to the overburden of toxins including slow and heavy digestions, bloating, headache, liver and biliary alterations, skin conditions (acne, ezcema, etc.), obesity and cellulite, constipation, high cholesterol and triglycerides, gout, etc.

> Patented vial system
> Standardized ingredients
> Highest concentration of active principles
> Natural ingredients
> 100% vegetarian- vegan
> Alcohol-free
> Gluten-free
> Non-GMO
> Without added sugars
> Manufactured in Spain

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Cap: Soy lecithin rich in phosphatidylcholine, maltodextrins, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide.
Vial: Humectant: glycerin, concentrated extract of black radish (Raphanus sativus L. var. Nigra, root) (2,682 mg), water, concentrated extract of artichoke (Cynara scolymus L., leaves) (592 mg), concentrated extract of milk thistle (Silybum marianum (L) Gaertner, seeds) (592 mg), acidity regulator: citric acid, natural lemon aroma.


14 x 0.34 fl. oz / 10 ml

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