Composor 22 Jaquesan Complex

Headache relief

Reduces anxiety and stress, and prevent and treat headaches of digestive and nervous etiology (headaches and migraines).

It provides an innovative combination of active principles carefully selected to help both prevent and treat headache, and migraine. Both may be caused by the sustained tension in muscles of the head due to tiredness, sprain and nervousness, or by a bad digestion. Furthermore, willow bark eases the pain of different etiology, including headache, and reduces the concentration of proinflammatory mediators which occur during a migraine attack and the inflammation of the meninges

> Greater bioavailability
> Standardized ingredients
> Highest concentration of active principles
> Natural ingredients
> 100% vegetarian-vegan
> Sourced from Soria Natural fields
> Alcohol-free
> Pesticide-free

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